• The Top 10 Best Websites to Find Copyright-Free Images

    · May 26, 2015

    The Top 10 Best Websites to Find Copyright-Free Images

    One of the three most important tricks to making a quiz is great imagery (the other two being an engaging topic and eye-catching title). Easy enough, right? If only that were true—landing the right pictures can be a real chore. Unfortunately, it isn’t really feasible to have an on-staff photographer for all your quizzes (as nice as that would be), but looking for images on the web means worrying about licenses and usage rights. Well let us take care of that for you! We put together an easy resource to help you easily find the best copyright-free images on the web.

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    We all know about Google Images filter by usage rights, Flickr, and Getty Images. But our favorite websites are the ones with fantastic photographers, pages and pages of photos, and—of course—easy-to-use search (because no one wants to scroll past pages of landscape when what you really need is a picture of a car). There are so many great new sites with an emphasis on completely free, breathtaking photos that we just had to share them with you. (Note: Not all images are copyright-free. Some of them may require attribution, so be sure to check out the license for each site you use.)

    Have a favorite that’s not on our list? Link it in the comments and share the love.

    The Top 10 Best Websites to Find Copyright-Free Images

    10. IM Free

    Made by IMCreator, IM Free has a well-categorized inventory of thousands of stock photos. It’s loaded in the Cityscape, People, and Nature categories, but falls a little short if you need pictures for something about tech or business. Just remember that any image off this site needs attribution to the creator.

    The Top 10 Best Websites to Find Copyright-Free Images

    (Photos by Jonathan Kos-Read, Instant Vantage, and 55Laney69)

    9. Negative Space

    The selection is limited, but the best part of Negative Space is that you can sort by color or even copy space position (for your non-quiz stock photo needs). And if you want to try your hand at design or editing, you can download the raw file too.

    The Top 10 Best Websites to Find Copyright-Free Images

    8. Magdeleine

    A small collection (couple hundred) of photos to be used more for inspiration than anything. What’s special about this site is the ability to filter by dominant color.

    The Top 10 Best Websites to Find Copyright-Free Images

    7. StockSnap

    The selection on StockSnap might be a bit limited, but that’s because the two-person team curates and hand-selects each photo for a “bad ass repository of beautiful stock photography.” The layout isn’t bad either, showing you the number of views and downloads for each photo and also letting you see what’s trending on the site.

    The Top 10 Best Websites to Find Copyright-Free Images

    6. Pexels

    Pexels has over 2000 photos chosen from other stock photo sites across the internet. It’s an easy-on-the eyes site with a great selection. One downside is there’s no categorization, so trying to browse photos may get a little messy.

    The Top 10 Best Websites to Find Copyright-Free Images

    5. StockPhotos.io

    If you’re a Pinterest lover, you’re in luck: StockPhoto.io’s website is almost the same. StockPhotos.io has 30,000+ photos (all searchable!), well tagged and well categorized. There’s also an illustrations board, if that’s more up your alley.

    The Top 10 Best Websites to Find Copyright-Free Images

    4. Stock Up

    This one might be cheating a little: Stock Up consolidates 21 different copyright-free image sites, including great sites like Life of Pix and New Old Stock Photos, into one. Clean layout and easy search are a plus.

    The Top 10 Best Websites to Find Copyright-Free Images

    3. PicJumbo

    It may not be the prettiest site you’ve ever seen (and definitely not the most ad-free), but the categories and tags—not to mention the sheer volume of photos—definitely make PicJumbo worth it. Also a bonus is the fact that you can see other tags on photos you’re looking at. If you’re so inclined, going premium means you can download bundles of photos.

    The Top 10 Best Websites to Find Copyright-Free Images

    2. Pixabay

    Not only does Pixabay have 380,000+ photos, it also has vectors and drawings. The categorization and search is impeccable—and you can see a photographer’s entire collection. The size selection at download is pretty nifty too. Oh, and did we mention each photo’s hand-picked for quality?

    The Top 10 Best Websites to Find Copyright-Free Images

    1. FindA.Photo

    Like Stock Up, FindA.Photo is also a collection site – it takes its thousands of photos from Unsplash, MMT, and Picography among others—but with a kick: browsing by HTML color code. Just type “–color #000000” (replace #000000 with the HTML code of the color you’re looking for) into the search bar. You can also search with width or height, aspect ratio, or the average saturation of the image (great for finding black-and-whites.

    The Top 10 Best Websites to Find Copyright-Free Images

    There you go—ten of the best copyright-free image websites on the web! But maybe ten’s too many and you can’t narrow it down (if you think ten is too much, our friends at Canva found 73 resources for stock photos). Don’t worry, Qzzr’s got you covered. Take our quiz and we’ll tell you which website is best for you.

    Can’t get enough copyright-free images? Here are some sites we’ve found that’ll send you a few new ones by newsletter every week or so.

    • Unsplash: 10 absolutely stunning, minimalistic pictures every 10 days. Also has a great site (albeit a somewhat limited search functionality) that FindA.Photo and others pull from.
    • Little Visuals: 7 photos every week.
    • Death to the Stock Photo: This “coffee for the modern creative” sends photos every month.
    • Jay Mantri: A designer in Santa Monica, CA who releases 7 pictures every Thursday.
    • Snapwire Snaps: 7 hand-picked images in your inbox every 7 days.
    • Realistic Shots: Another 7 photos every week for your inbox pleasure.
    • Pexels: We mentioned Pexels above in #6, but we wanted to add their monthly newsletter to the mix too.

    And if you want to pay for your stock photos, there’s a market for that too. Some of our favorites:

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    • http://inspirationfeed.com Igor Ovsyannykov

      Great article Minna!

      I recently started http://fancycrave.com/ as a side project a few months ago. The site consists of completely free stock photos all taken by me and other talented photographers. It’s basically a collection of images from my travels around South East Asia, North America, and South America (soon). My aim for these photos is to help designers and creative alike. People can use these images for whatever purpose they please.

      I keep things very simple. I list the photo, its tags, the author, and the download link. I don’t make people jump through any hoop, like signing up for an email newsletter or making them “Like” my facebook page.

      I also started to publish niche specific photo packs all for free.

      I hope you and others will find it valuable. I just want to contribute back to the wonderful blogging, design, marketing, and creative community. If you see it fit, I’d be very grateful if you could add Fancycrave to this list.


      • Minna Wang

        Thanks, Igor!

        Fancycrave seems like a fantastic site! I’m a huge fan of all of the features as well as the images themselves. Can you tell me how big your image collection is?

        • http://inspirationfeed.com Igor Ovsyannykov

          It’s about 300 images so far. New images are posted daily.

          • Minna Wang

            Wow, Fancycrave is definitely off to a great start! Unfortunately, I think the photo selection is too small at the moment to include in this post. Keep building it though, and good luck!

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      • Minna Wang

        PLiXS looks like it’s on its way to becoming a great site – I really like the categorization! However, it’s similar to the collection sites listed in the article and draws from some of the same sites, so I’m not sure it would add to the list. Keep up the good work though!

    • Shawn

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