• There’s a lot going on with Qzzr lately…

    Connor Child · May 16, 2017

    Let’s start with a pop quiz:

    In addition to those 358 million interactive sessions, here are some other things that have been happening on the Qzzr side lately:

    1. We are now one brand: Qzzr

    Up until recently, Qzzr was our quiz tool, Pollcaster was our poll tool, and Boombox was our premium software that housed all of our interactive content tools (quizzes, polls, and lists). And all of those software products were brought to you by Movement Ventures.

    Now, everything is Qzzr (and we have a shiny new website to show for it). Movement Ventures, Boombox, and Pollcaster are no more. Qzzr has all the tools, functionality and format types of everything we’ve built so far.

    Why the change? When we first started, our aim was to build top-notch interactive content products, and we’re proud to say that we have. But we realized Qzzr was the crown jewel of our collection, and that’s why we’ve unified under the Qzzr brand. We like the focus and clarity that’s coming from having one product, one company, and one brand.

    2. More growth, more engagement, more creativity

    The aforementioned 358 million interactive sessions were the result of the quizzes, polls, and lists built by any of our 270,000 users. These interactive pieces of content decorated the sites of bloggers, small businesses, and blue chip brands like HBO, ESPN, Red Bull, Marriott, and Yahoo!

    Our users also continued to redefine what you can do with interactive content. Whether they’re using quiz data to serve up more personalized Facebook ads or generating hundreds of thousands of leads, quizzes have come a long way from telling you what Disney Princess you are.

    3. We’ve named a new executive team

    Bucky Flowers is our CEO, Owen Fuller is President, and Josh Kasteler is COO.

    We’ve also hired Jeff Swigert, a PhD candidate in Behavioral Economics from Cornell University and Co-Founder of HiveMind Analytics. Jeff is going to expand and drive our NEW offering, Qzzr Science, which combines top-notch behavioral economics with our quizzes to truly understand the preferences and expectations that drive a target audience’s behavior.

    4. We’ve got new digs

    To support this rapid growth, we’ve moved to a new office at 98 W. Main Street in Lehi, UT. We recently hosted an open house at the new space to celebrate the recent move and momentum.

    bucky open house

    PHEW! That’s a lot to talk about, but now you know. Stay tuned for more good news to come, and come by and see us next time you’re in the area.