• The best quizzes of last year

    Jason Clark · February 4, 2017

    What do La La Land and Healthy Paws Pet Insurance have in common?

    They’re both nominees for major awards.

    You may have already heard about La La Land’s record-tying 14 Academy Award nominations. Now, let’s talk about our nominees for “Quiz of the Year” and how a pet insurance company built a quiz that generated hundreds of thousands of leads.

    Last spring, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance built a quiz that helped pet owners find out what kind of “pet parent” they are. The quiz is beautifully designed, and more than 750,000 people have taken it so far.

    healthy paws quiz

    More importantly, hundreds of thousands of emails have been added to their list through the call-to-action that they added to the end of the quiz.

    (I’m not sure if that many people even went to see some of the Oscar-nominated films.)

    Any way, we’re going to give love to all of our nominees in the coming weeks, but you can review all of them below.​

    Let us know what your vote is or if there are some snubs that we overlooked when putting this list together.

  • Don’t Let Startup Life Suck Away Your Family Time

    · September 15, 2016

    Stop believing that success at work and home are mutually exclusive. No, seriously – stop thinking that.

    True story: It’s 3PM on a Thursday afternoon, and my kids are on hour two of watching mindless animation. I’m stressed about solving some big problems at work and can’t afford to take a day off to completely cover for my sick wife. So on go the cartoons.

    Do I have it all figured out? Ask my 1-year old, who’s now shrieking because his brother took his nutrition-devoid, tube-contained yogurt.

    No. I don’t have it figured out. But I know I’m not the only one…. Read more

  • WEBINAR: Use Quizzes to Generate Leads and Pump Up Revenue

    · August 26, 2016
  • Online Quizzes: Marketing’s Next Big Money-Maker

    · August 9, 2016

    This post is a guest post written by our friends at Power Digital Marketing. Join us for our upcoming webinar with them on August 25th, 2016.


    We’ve all been there before – it’s one of those rare slow days at the office and rather than being proactive and getting ahead on next month’s workflow, we find ourselves lost in the endless black hole of the Internet. But no, we’re not doing anything enriching like catching up on news or reading an interesting op-ed article.

    “Say what?!”

    We’re doing the exact opposite – we’re spending hours on end taking one online quiz after another. We’re finding out which Harry Potter character we are and what our favorite breakfast food says about our personality. You know… essential information that we wouldn’t be able to get through the day without.

    While many marketers may believe that online quizzes are a waste of time, we found a way to capitalize on on people’s inquisitiveness and those rare slow days at the office using online quizzes. And when I say capitalize, it’s just a humble way of saying that we use quizzes to help our clients rake in the big bucks. Here’s how we do it…… Read more

  • Introducing: Media Search

    · March 2, 2016

    Since we launched Qzzr almost two years ago, we’ve known that images, video, and sound are what make for amazing pieces of interactive content. We’ve heard the voice of our users wanting a faster, easier way to add media to their content and today, I’m excited to announce the first new feature that has been built across all of our tools and brands: Media Search.

    Media Search makes it easy to search over 500,000  high-quality, royalty-free, creative commons zero images and insert them right into your quizzes, lists, and polls. Far gone are the days of searching Google for an image, downloading that image to your device, then uploading it into the content editor.
    I was absolutely astonished at how much media search drastically reduced the amount of time it takes to create a full fledged piece of interactive content. So astonished that those details have become worthy of a graph…check it out:


    Using media search to find, insert, crop images, the time from content creation to publish dropped 19% on lists, 75% on polls, and 61% on quizzes.

    Media search is really simple. Instead of the camera upload icon, you’ll see 3 options to add media: Search, From link, and Upload.


    Choosing search will bring up media sidebar. Just type in what you’re looking for, choose the best option, and wah-la!


    We’ve got big plans for media search. At launch, we’ll search hundreds of thousands of images but over the coming weeks and months, we plan to add more image sources, video and audio clip search, along with many more image customizations and search filters. We can’t wait to show you what’s to come.

    Log in to Boombox, Qzzr, or Pollcaster today and start creating the most engaging content in the world, over 40% faster than before. We can’t wait to hear what you think of it, be sure to let us know! 

    Hoping to see a certain type of media added? Tell us about it in the comments.