• Be the Marketing Hero, Tell Your Boss About Boombox

    · December 9, 2015

    Dear eager young marketers,

    Welcome. Being a junior member of any marketing team has a definitive two sides. On the one, you’re only going up in your career, and risks are your best bet to get you there (it’s marketing, you don’t win by playing safe).

    On the other side, you are way too likely to get your opinions snuffed by the seniors, the folks with the 10 years experience and the 2000% ROI victories of a few years ago (they also happen to know all the acronyms, and none of them can be found on Google). You may still be looking to them as demi-gods.

    Don’t you fret, you’ll find your vein.

    Marketing success comes from outside the safe zone, so while you are stretching yourself, consider 3 ideas:


    Mix it all together

    Mix your expanded paradigm, your storytelling and the validating power of your data together and you unlock both the logical “clearly I need that” and the emotional “coolest thing in the universe” message ways of the brain.

    That’s not a recipe for customers, it’s a recipe for advocates, subscribers, promoters. It’s the making of an audience.

    We see a lot of people using Boombox to power these experiences – building content that emotionally appeals to the customer’s sense of self, and allows for an exchange of real, valuable data through response to your content. You are unlocking smarter and smarter storytelling for your audience in the future.

    Be the Hero
    Since we launched Boombox, we’ve seen organizations similar to yours, and individuals in roles just like yours embrace interactive content because of a young marketing professional giving the introduction. What follows is celebration, props, and all around titling of that young marketer as:

    “The Hero”. Let me tell you about one.


    Cafe.com was early in their strategy as a publisher. So early that they were still beta testing which audiences they served. Hannah, Associate Editor, saw an opportunity to bring a new spin to emerging politics through a quiz.

    She passed the idea by the Creative Director, Edward who immediately suggested Qzzr (the quiz creation tool found within Boombox). Hannah ran with it.

    The quiz was live for two weeks before truly picking up traction, but by day 30, this quiz had been taken over 500,000 times. Hannah, Edward and Blake (Editor in Chief) were all heroes.


    Combine that success with quotes like this:

    “Our quiz has generated over 26,000 leads and over $1 million in revenue (and counting).” – Joe Hollerup  ·  Content Marketing  ·  Internet Marketing Inc

    Don’t get your opinion snuffed

    Here’s the thing – we’re rooting for you here at Boombox. We love our products because we know that they can turn anyone into a publisher, any marketer into a hero, any content into a conversation. We think this could be the next jaw dropping idea for you to take to your boss. And we’ll make it super easy for you.


    We’ve created a “pitch deck” for you, a stack of powerpoint slides that you can take to your boss tonight. We’ve kept it to 6 slides (you know – do your research, but don’t be long winded).

    It’s time. Crank up the engagement.