• Introducing: Media Search

    · March 2, 2016

    Since we launched Qzzr almost two years ago, we’ve known that images, video, and sound are what make for amazing pieces of interactive content. We’ve heard the voice of our users wanting a faster, easier way to add media to their content and today, I’m excited to announce the first new feature that has been built across all of our tools and brands: Media Search.

    Media Search makes it easy to search over 500,000  high-quality, royalty-free, creative commons zero images and insert them right into your quizzes, lists, and polls. Far gone are the days of searching Google for an image, downloading that image to your device, then uploading it into the content editor.
    I was absolutely astonished at how much media search drastically reduced the amount of time it takes to create a full fledged piece of interactive content. So astonished that those details have become worthy of a graph…check it out:


    Using media search to find, insert, crop images, the time from content creation to publish dropped 19% on lists, 75% on polls, and 61% on quizzes.

    Media search is really simple. Instead of the camera upload icon, you’ll see 3 options to add media: Search, From link, and Upload.


    Choosing search will bring up media sidebar. Just type in what you’re looking for, choose the best option, and wah-la!


    We’ve got big plans for media search. At launch, we’ll search hundreds of thousands of images but over the coming weeks and months, we plan to add more image sources, video and audio clip search, along with many more image customizations and search filters. We can’t wait to show you what’s to come.

    Log in to Boombox, Qzzr, or Pollcaster today and start creating the most engaging content in the world, over 40% faster than before. We can’t wait to hear what you think of it, be sure to let us know! 

    Hoping to see a certain type of media added? Tell us about it in the comments.

    • cynthiaharriman

      How do you make sure that these images are all totally 100% okay to use without any payment or credit?

      • Jacob Graf

        Hey Cynthia,

        We want to make sure our users are safe from legal issues when using our tool. Because of that, we’ll always make sure the images served through media search have the correct attribution that matches the license.

        If you have any other questions, let me know!

        • cynthiaharriman

          Thanks for the quick reply. I took a look. It’s a nice added feature.

          • Jacob Graf

            My pleasure! ?

    • David Ross

      do we all have this upgrade? I’m not seeing the option :/

      • Jacob Graf

        Oh no David! It should be there.

        Hit up our support team sending a quick message to support(at)boombox.com and they’ll be able to help you!