• Connecting quiz data with your Facebook advertising

    Connor Child · March 3, 2017

    Let’s talk about a truly diverse cast of nominees.

    I’m talking about the quizzes of the year. From grocery stores to soccer websites to the pet insurance companies, users are driving remarkable results in a broad range of categories.

    And the methods by which they’re achieving their results are as diverse as the industries they come from. In fact, let’s dive a little deeper on how soccerloco, an online soccer retailer, used the data from their quiz to personalize their Facebook ads.

    For starters, go find out which cleats will make you play like a pro. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

    soccer quiz


    Okay! Welcome back! Now let’s talk about what went on behind the scenes with that quiz. This question in particular had a big impact on their follow-up marketing:

    relevant question

    For every lead they collected at the end of the quiz (and they collected a lot of them), they also got to see all of the answer options they selected. This helped them segment their audience by player, and so if you said your game resembled Neymar, here’s what the resulting Facebook ad looked like for you:

    relevant_offer (1)

    In essence, they were able to personalize their Facebook ads to different audiences based on who they said their game most resembled. Think you play like Neymar? Well, here’s an ad showing you how you can gear up like the pro for yourself.

    And now comes the best part. Here are the results from the campaign:

    • ​Amount Spent: $572.19
    • Revenue Generated: $10,943.56
    • Cost Per Acquisition: $9.54​

    Every dollar they spent led to close to $20 in returning revenue. It pays to personalize.

    The agency that spearheaded this campaign, Power Digital Marketing, has more to say on this particular campaign – and quizzes as a whole – in this article: Online Quizzes: Marketing’s Next Big Money-Maker.

    Always remember that in addition to being ridiculously fun and engaging, quizzes can be data harvesting machines. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can connect your quizzes to your Facebook advertising, let us know.