• 7 Reasons You Should Start Using Boombox Lists

    · December 7, 2015

    The next time you log in to your Boombox account, a new friend will be there to greet you: lists.

    In addition to quizzes and polls, you can now create lists to embed on your site. And because our users are the most innovative content creators on the web, we’re excited to see how they use this new tool.

    Lists have been around for a while, and they continue to dominate the web when it comes to engagement and shares. We wanted to take advantage of this fact, but we had a problem with traditional lists – the majority of them end up being a totally passive user experience. As you know, we don’t do passive, and so we’ve baked in some fresh ingredients to give our new list tool an interactive flavor.

    And now it’s time for you to Engage Your Audience with our new Boombox list tool. Don’t yet have a Boombox account? Check out our plans and we’ll help you get started.

    • Pell

      How can we use your list tool? Is it only through Boombox? Qzzr and Pollcaster each have their own site with free plans?

      Boombox only has a demo so I assume the lists tool in there is only for enterprise customers? And I assume its expensive since the price is hidden without doing the demo?